Why We Give a Toss?

Learn more about our passion for sustainability and find practical tips for reducing your own impact on the planet!

Give a toss about what?

Well, we give a toss about you, the environment, ourselves & our business!

We give a toss about our business being a “sustainable & environmentally conscious” business. And, there’s a whole lot to include in this topic, but basically for us, being a sustainable business means not only caring about our beautiful, natural environment, but caring about our tribe of humans too!

It’s like a big holistic pot to us, mixed with so many different aspects to CARING, about everything we do. And this not only means in our business, but in our personal lives as well.

Being a family business, and I literally mean family, myself, my husband (Russell) and our three kids all work or are involved in the business in some way. We have always taught our children about money and business, they have worked in our businesses from a young age and are all amazing workers and beautiful young adult humans. We’ve taught them to “give a toss” about their lives and how they live them and contributing to society, to care about their lives, the community and the environment.

There’s a whole heap of things we do to be a sustainable business. My son (Seth) & I, attended a great series of workshops, put on by Tweed Shire Tourism and the educators were “EarthCheck”, there are so many awesome businesses in our shire doing amazing things as a sustainable business and they’re people that really care!

We have along way to go and it will be a never ending mission to be more sustainable and to strive to always do our best. But here’s some things we currently do, to minimise our impact on this beautiful planet.

  • Hosting beautiful retreats with beautiful people that care about nature, the planet & being a better human, connecting, sharing – we have a whole range of different retreats at Midginbil. From Indigenous retreats, yoga retreats to school retreats.
  • Sustainable wedding events – we did a whole blog on this topic, check it out if you are getting married
  • Use Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper – An Australian Co. that is a sustainable & ethically produced product
  • Support local business – all our vendors/suppliers are local & Aussie businesses
  • Use Aussie Cleaning Products
  • We use our own timber & water
  • We have composting toilets in both our homes
  • Our house is completely off grid
  • Use partial solar for our resort energy (working towards majority solar)
  • Minimise our energy consumption with LED globes, turning things off when not in use, having timers on pumps & lights
  • All our food scraps go to our clucky hens in the chook yard and we use their eggs for personal use
  • Our guinea fowl that roam around the property, help clean up the ticks for us, they love eating them
  • Eliminated single use toiletries and now only use refill, all in one, hand & body wash
  • Minimising cling wrap use in the kitchens, we use silicon bowl covers, that are re-washable
  • Weddings must use biodegradable confetti
  • We have a young, local, family that come and collect our cans & bottles for recycling and it’s also some pocket money for the kids
  • We host 10 Autism Camps A Year – an awesome program for families with autistic children, it’s relaxed, fun & educational
  • We donate to our community for special events
  • Lots of our guests/participants shop/spend in our local UKI village and the surrounding areas – supporting small local business
  • We are very conscious on minimising impact on the amazing nature surrounding our beautiful venue & property
  • We re-use & re-purpose when we can – coming from a farming background, my family are extremely gifted at fixing, repairing, re-using & repurposing, it really is an excellent skill to have and saves purchasing new and throwing out
  • We have a closed FB page for our wedding couples, so they can sell items from their wedding, so those things are re-used and re-purposed
  • We don’t use airconditioning/heating systems, we provide pedestal fans and bar heaters if needed. Otherwise its open everything up, it cools down at night, or put your winter PJ’s on and an extra blanket, just like the old days

So, there’s just a few things that we do, there’s many more and we’re working on being the best nature lover, planet lover & people lovers that we can be. Let’s all join together, it’s a team effort, we all make a difference, and together we can give a “massive toss”!

Who wants to be a tosser with us!?