About Us

Our Story

Mel & Russ Diffey

We purchased “Midginbil Hill” in January 2020 & changed the name to “Midginbil Eco Resort”

We are country people, Russell & the kids have lived in regional Australia all their lives & I have lived half my life in the city & half in the country. And when I say city, it’s Canberra & Gold Coast, not big cities.

Family business is in our hearts, we love providing opportunities for our children to work with us & learn about business.

Our three children Seth, Jasmine & Justin have worked at various times in our businesses over the years.

Mel married Russell, a 4th generation farmer in the Riverina NSW in 1995. We expanded the farming enterprise & had a family.

Russ wanted a change from farming, too many droughts & variabilities, so we leased the farm out in 2007, the Global financial crisis hit, we packed up our belongings & the kids and made the trek to the other side of Australia, Kununurra WA.

We purchased a mango farm on Lake Kununurra, Russ got to cleaning up the run down property, got a casual job with the turf farm up the road & I studied to get my real estate certificate & started a real estate business with another local female agent, who at the time was working from home. We started a “Professionals” real estate agency, which was super exciting. Then the real estate market up there started feeling the effects of the GFC, schooling was a challenge, my mum got sick & we decided to come back to the farm in 2009.

In November 2012 we purchased a holiday park on Lake Hume, just out of Albury, NSW & owned & operated the business until October 2019.

In 2013 we sold the farm & that took off the pressure of having both businesses.

Our children worked in the business, we also ran school camps & hosted lots of big family groups/functions & events, so they helped in the kitchen, activities, grounds, housekeeping & reception, wherever we needed them really.

We built the business up & sold it and found the beautiful Midginbil in the Tweed Valley, NSW. I did my schooling on the Gold Coast, so we were coming back to my area.

Currently, Seth & Justin are working with us & we love owning & operating a business with our children!

That’s our story! (the short version!!)


We love, “love” & love seeing people enjoying themselves & having fun.

To share our property & host weddings/groups/stays & school camps, gives us an immense amount of joy.

We are grateful for our beautiful property & the opportunity for others to enjoy it too.

And because Russell & our kids got to grow up on the farm, we are passionate about getting kids outdoors!

To be immersed in the beauty of nature & enjoy some bush therapy & nature nurture.

It gives us so much joy to get kids out of the city, out of their normal environment & experience being in the country on our farming property.

We believe in disconnecting kids from devices (and adults haha!!) & connecting with the outdoors & nature.


We care about the environment & the future of the planet, not just for us, but for our future generations. For the kids of the future.

What we have started doing in our backyard:

Grow fruit & veggies – we are going to incorporate a sustainable farming/kitchen garden activity into the school camps program & use our produce in our cooking for camps & weddings

All food scraps are fed to our bird menagerie – chooks, geese & guinea fowl

The guinea fowl love eating ticks, which is a win for our property!

We have 4 kids (goats) Milly, Tilly, Willy & Billy

We use solar power where we can

We use LED globes to reduce power

We turn off anything use power, that isn’t being used at the time

We recycle & reuse as much as possible

We have started a compost

Our house is off the grid & our kids house is on solar hot water & both have composting toilets